Becoming a Global Witness

A Journey With Refugees


This Website will take you on a journey where you will encounter an innovative and healing way to relate to the world and the European refugee crisis. The journey is divided into 14 modules where you will learn more about Global Social Witnessing and about the lifes and stories of refugees while applying what you learned. It is recommended that you start with the first two modules and then take it step by step, though you can skip modules as well.

Section 2: Journey with refugees: Where do you come from? And, where will you go?
Introduction to Section 2

In this section you will get some information about the history of refugees, refugee routes and legal framework. Then you will be ready for your individual journey to witness from where and how our refugee friends came to us and where they will go. During your journey you will witness 10 different people coming from different countries and living now in different cities. The witnessing process by watching videos will be accompanied by “Meditation”, “Reflection task” and “Additional information”. After each individual journey you can share your thoughts, emotions and experiences with your friends and teacher. Let’s start!   

Section 3: Where shall we go together?

How was your journey accompanied by Alexander, Hussein, Imane, Prosper, Sultan, Mohamed, Jelena, Olja, Ibrahim and Shahab? Surely you can better understand why and how they came to us, and hopefully you can sense how they feel. By knowing, seeing, listening to, feeling and sensing the other you are halfway to be a „Witness“. The next step to become a global witness is to answer the question: “How do we become responsible for what is happening in the world?”